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We are your all in one stop to get your business going, with all the services that will warrant your success in the future.

Web Development

Our team of dedicated developers with unparalleled knowledge of the technology stacks to get a particular idea from concept stage to production in no time.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Having a great idea and execution sometimes may not be enough, hence we offer our top of the class SEO and digital marketing services with our team of SEO analysts who can help you reach your customers.

Dev Ops

Exiverprojects has a mission to deliver latest features to your users without ever having to worry about them breaking in production. We have 99.99% success rates in product uptimes while keeping yours and your customer's data sound and secured.

24/7 Support

We pride ourself in building pronounced relationships with our customers, and are always ready to assist you, whenever required.


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About Our Toughest Real time Journey

Our founders have been through various industry experiences, both good and bad. They have tussled with tight deadlines, ever-changing project requirements, and have always come through while delivering a top-shelf product. After weeks of working together and putting a lot of work & thought into the subject, they decided that the industry needed to change for the better, and who else to bring this change than the ones who had seen it's very essence themselves. Lo and Behold, Exiverprojects was founded, a group effort of Industry-leading experts and 3 men with unparalleled business experience backing them up. A perfect recipe for success!

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How it works

Our Working Process


Our first step is to understand your vision and give our input to build it much more efficiently and reliably.

Diving into Concept

After we have a clear game plan we can jump into explicit and implicit nuances that may affect your business along with looking for oppertunities to that'll benift you.

Gather Analysis

Data can be a driving factor that can either make or break a business and we like to stay on the bleeding edge of the industry so that we don't loose any variable.


Once all the required data is gathered we can get to building prototypes so that you get a feel of the final product as well suggest any improvents or modifications.


Once we have a working prototype approved by you, we'll build the full product while keeping room any new additions.


During and after the development the application goes through rigorous testing just in case there's something to be patched.


Once our highly skilled QA team gives the green flag we can deploy the application either on your pre-existing setup or build you a new one from scratch.


Our relationship with the customer is not limited just till the deployment process but we offer 24/7 support for our clients for one year straight with no extra cost.

Collaboration Overview

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